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Know your wealth.

Know your wealth is an idea brought to life by three professionals aimed to provide comprehensive financial consultancy and reporting services. Its a platform that offers comprehensive and complete solutions to clients with regard to professional financial management.

The team of consulting partners will help you achieve your financial goals as they take the journey with you as your advisors and in course manage and educate and empower you towards the fulfillment of your objectives.

The Team







An  qualified certified financial planner and AMFI registered financial adviser, who has made a name in the field of investment and management consultancy for past 5 years. From subtle beginnings under his father MR CA.N.Venkateswaran who was one of the earliest and the most highly regarded financial advisers during his life time, Anant learnt the skills of professional judgement and advice in the discipline of finance and investments.

A graduate in commerce from the University of Madras and an aspiring Chartered Accountant he pursued his article-ship training equipping him with skills in fields of Audit,Accounts and Taxation. After his article-ship training he continues to work on contracts in relevant disciplines . During this period he also engaged with SICASA (Southern indian chartered accountants student association) as a member and worked with the team to  organise and conduct national conferences for CA students and a number of other workshops and competitions. He has also presented papers in the relevant disciplines during such occasions. After his father he stepped into his shoes to take over the financial consultancy practice and has continued to serve the clientele by providing with the best in class service and infrastructure. As an adviser he always iterates "advice help make good decisions but right information at the right time makes good advice". This motto has lead him to be one of the pillars at know your wealth as believes informed financial decisions by investors begins with educating them.     




  • CA Umashankar. U, A Practising Chartered accountant.
  • Acquainted with Multi lingual, Multi Regional & Multi cultural exposure for more than two decades. Experienced with high academic scores in the midst of Challenging & rewarding professional field of  Chartered Accountant and Company Secretaryship
  • He has experience covering Internal Audit, Bank Audit, Statutory Audit, Tax Audits, Corporate and Individual Filings.
  • A dedicated, sincere, hard & smart working Taurean who will be willing to add new dimensions  to  his experience and bringing out the best possible means to every hand in need.
  • Much popularly known as { U.S.A } amongst his near and dear’s.

Mr Umashankar's list of professional accolades and academic achievements has very little effect on the person that he has been. A person of high integrity and who believes in keeping things simple. This characteristic of him has made him approachable to many. He believes knowledge is meant to be shared and that life is always a learning process. Thus as a professional he believes in constant updation of his knowledge to serve the clientele in the best possible manner.



Mr Rajaram is an example of how true dedication and hard work yields results. A person who has battled odds to become a Chartered Accountant and a first generation professional. His is a truly inspiring story which we believe is heading towards  greater achievements.



  • CA RAJARAM K, A Practicing Chartered accountant.
  • Corporate tax Adviser in Direct and Indirect Taxes
  • He is having years of experience covering Internal Audit, Bank Audit, Statutory Audit, Tax Audits, Corporate and Individual Filings.